Gleason 106


Gleason 106

Albano Sant'Alessandro, Italy


Main motor:5 HP, 1800 RPM

Net weight:14,300 lbs.

Floor space:61-1/4" x 84-1/4"

1 to 1 ratio:6"

2 to 1 ratio:7-1/2"

10 to 1 ratio:8-1/2"

Coolant motor:1/2 HP, 3600 RPM

Extreme ratio:15 to 1

Depth of taper:6"

Taper per foot:39/64"

Hydraulic motor:3/4 HP, 1800 RPM

Number of teeth:5 to 97

Work head angle:-12 Degree to 90 degree

Feed (sec./tooth):3 to 68.6

Face width (maximum):1-1/4"

Diametral pitch (coarsest):4

Cutter speeds (feet per minute):74 to 380

Diameter of hole through spindle:2-7/16"

Work spindle diameter of taper hole at large end:3-29/32"

Min. ratio for pinions to operate with helical form gears:2 to 1

Cone distance max. (30 degree spiral angle and 7-1/2" cutte):5 1/4"

Machine is with change gears